Revolver Rani (***)

This is another movie which belonged to Kangna. She has matured as an actor and it shows in her two outings this year (including queen). If I would have to talk about the movie it is average and have very few interesting moments. Half way through the movie it becomes predictable and lacks the surprise factor. There are some area where the movie scores like editing which is tight and fast.

Vir Das has done justice to his part and is able to portray the required negativity in the role. Piyush Mishra is another highlight of the film as his efforts complemented Kangna and give the required flair to the movie. The music of the film is nothing to right home about. With a better storyline and stronger screenplay the film could have achieved more as it had the material for the same.

All in all it is a watahable movie and I presume there will be squeals based on the way the film ended and should be a better iteration.


(* = Poor, ** Below Average, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Excellent)


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