Music Review – Kabir by Abida



I am very selective with what I listen and this album is one of the best Sufi music I have ever come across. The poetry of Kabir das who lived on this planet more than 500 years ago is still so relevant, in fact in today’s world where there is so much negativity, his poetry give a new ray of hope a new direction.  The beauty of Kabir das is that he explain the most complex aspect of life and spirituality with such ease. He is also one poet who’s work inspires people from all walk of life irrespective of their race, cast, creed and religion.

Now add to that the voice of Begum Abida Parveen. She sings from her soul for sure otherwise how is it possible for someone mortal to bring Kabir das to life. The songs in the album are sung in sufi style keeping Kabir das’s original language intact. I am not just writing these words but people who appreciate sufi music and the once who want to experience it for the first time will get mesmerised. The album has 4 songs with Gulzar salab as the anchor.

Bhala Hua Meri Matki

Mann Lago Yaar

Saahib Mera Ek Hai

Sounn To Sapne Milun



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