Sneek Peek – Amazing Spiderman 2


Spiderman Spiderman friendly neighborhood Spiderman… well not so now as this is going to be arguably the biggest global release of this summer. The last outing of the franchise had a mixed reviews. Though the reboot was sleeker and darker in shade what people like these days, the villain did not match the hero’s stature.



With Jamie Foxx playing elecro we expect now the Spidee has a real match. Faxx will bring his experience and flair in the character.

Variety 10 Actors to Watch  - Andrew Garfield

Andrew on the other side should be much more comfortable with the role in this edition. He is witty, funny and has that boyish charm.


Emma is ever beautiful and will complement Andrew.


Marc Webb need to pull up his socks as it is a big film for him and expectations are high.

So guys here comes the Spidermannnnn…..




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