Movie Review – The Amazing Spiderman 2 ***1/2

The movie starts with flash back where Peter Parkers parents are on the run from the goons of Oscorp corporation hiding and uploading a secret file on a remote system. Cut to scene 2 and we are in current times where Peter Parker (Garfield) has matured as Spiderman and is carrying on with his day to day job as Spiderman between good and bad publicity. His class is graduating and so is his girlfriend Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Though Peter is enjoying every bit of being Spiderman, he is also fighting an emotional battle to love or let live Gwen as he had promised her father. Now this is where the problem starts with the movie, its story and especially its screenplay. When we go to watch a Spiderman movie or any other superhero movie, we expect to have 2 hours of high adrenaline action with the bad guys. But what we get is Parker’s never ending conflict in his love life.

Now coming to the bad guys, the concept or the idea behind Electro is very good and the character comes to life with Jamie Foxx being the soul of it. The problem is that it takes ages for the director to fully do the characterization. By the time it is finished and you feel yes now we are going to see a great showdown it all ends in 5 to 10 minutes. This is also the case with Green Goblin, I thing his character is also wasted here. Dane Dehaan is good as Harry Oscorp, he is mysteriously stylish and has a good screen presence. Emma does a good job with her part, her forte is humor and light romantic movies, I must say she is a very passionate kisser. Andrew is witty and fast and has an attitude which will impress many and gives a good performance both as Peter and Spiderman.

The movie is very slow and after a while you start feel when will I see the action and then when it all starts it ends. It leave you dry on the action front. But there are some areas where the movie scores good point and one being the emotional quotient. The camera work is superb Daniel Mindel of Star Trek fame has done a great job. The super slow shots are amazing. The special effects are good and serves the story well.

Overall you will like the movie if you are looking for the human angle of the superhero and the villeins which is the best part of the movie. But if you are looking for full fledged action flick, you will be disappointed. Why do we go to watch a superhero movie? The answer lies in ourselves as we all have a child within us who would like to grow up and do good stuff by fighting the bad guys and these two hours we want to live a life with a character which enables us to do just that and exactly on this point this movie disappoints. The Amazing Spiderman does not do justice to the child inside us but tries to be mature.

(* Poor, ** Below Average, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Excellent)



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