Life in a Metro



No I am not doing a movie review here. I am actually talking about Delhi’s day to day travel in the metro and how it has changed the way we commute in Delhi. Not so long ago moving in chaotic Delhi traffic was the only way to reach your destination and dam you had no clue as to when you will reach the destination. Long snails of traffic jams and chaos. In a city where the total number of vehicles count is more than Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata put together (6 million was the last count I know) and where more than 1000 vehicles are registered every day, you are bound to find huge traffic jams. With the introduction of metro things have change a little if not more. Though the roads are still messy and during rains it is a nightmare, metro has some stories to tell about itself through the lives of people it has touched.

A staggering 2 million people travel in the Delhi metro every day and this number is more than total population of many important cities in the world. I am one of the person in this huge number of people who have felt the difference metro has made. Every Morning when I leave for office I know exactly as to when I will reach office as I know how much time I will take to travel. I drive down to the nearest metro station and park my car by doing so I save on fuel also I am less stressed which is not the case when you are driving in the traffic. I know which train to take and after board it I switch on my music put my headphones on and close my eyes.

There are times though when I observe people and I have a wonderful study to share. We Indians are quite a different bunch of people when you compare us to some of the other countries.  I have traveled on Singapore metro and Spoken to Colleges who have been to Japan. What I can conclude is that through the rush during peak hours in very high in those countries also, there is almost no sound inside the trains. There it is pin drop silence with people either busy with their music, or gaming console or reading.  The interaction amongst people is very limited but here in Delhi though the scenario is different, there is lot of activities going on, people are talking amongst each other, small kids are playing, Girls are constantly on their phones talking to their boyfriends and boys are having a great laugh in a group. You have people from different walks of life traveling together and there is discussion happening between strangers. People make friends on Metro train and some boyfriends, girlfriends and also meet their life partners. Metro is a great potboiler for a Bollywood film story.

Life has actually changed with the metro so much that when I reach office or back home, I might be physically tried by not frustrated. I have time to be with my family, we talk, share our day’s stories and have a good night sleep. When I am in the metro the best thing that happens to me is that I get time for myself. This time I utilize to either meditate or think about the day and plan it or just listen to my music or watch a movie. I will not be wrong to admit that the idea to write this blog also came from this time I have been sending with myself. I have a great time and it charges me for the rest of the day. Earlier in my previous company I was traveling by my car but it was a hell. But now it’s different, I travel a longer distance than what I use to do then but less but my fatigue levels are not even close to what I use to feel then. I reach office fresher, I can concentrate on my work better and I now lead a better life.

I think it is time for people in Cities like Delhi to rethink their way of commuting. They should think about using public transport facilities more effectively and efficiently wherever and whenever possible so that they can utilize their time more effectively. It is not a wise decision to drive a fancy car and people should stop this show off business and buying one car for each family member. Companies are already promoting car pool and shuttle services to metro stations rather than using cabs. Government should introduce more effective and efficient public transport. If our days are full of joy and creative thinking we will have a better life and will become better human beings. Better human beings will translate into more responsible citizens building a more knowledgeable society which is aware of its duties. Now this is what I call a life in a metro.

Let me know your thoughts on how we can improves our lives in our cities.


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