Top 5 smartphones this summer (as on May 2014)


We are approaching mid of the year and in another month or two all the major manufacturers will be launching their flagship phones as a yearly phenomenon. WWDC for IOS is around the corner and Goggle must be sharpening also their tools. Samsung is already planning a premium iteration of their S5 and HTC just launched their Flagship the HTC One M8. We are in this mad race where everyone is trying to better the other in terms of software and hardware. There is no end to this race though frankly speaking from the hardware point of view there is nothing much to explore except improvements in battery life. It is the software which will drive the future for mobiles from now on.

In India and I am sure across the world owning a flagship smartphone is more of a socioeconomic statement rather than utility. It is even truer in case of India because the mobile infrastructure in the country is not in place to handle the modern technologies and high data speeds offered by the high end smartphones. Most of the people use their phone for just calling and occasional sms but will still carry a high end smartphone. In this blog, I have populated a list of top 5 smartphones available in the India. These smartphones are ranked not on the hardware specification or price but on snob value, style, utility and future readiness.

I Phone 5S (Gold)




I have not an iota of doubt that ‘iphone 5S Gold color’ is the most sort after phone in the market. Even though almost 50% of the people who carry it have not used even 50% of its full functionality and I am quite sure 90% of the people will not have a clue as to what is 64 bit PC grade architecture. But this phone is a head turner as it is true with all apple products. Apple is a closed ecosystem and people who actually use it also use other apple devises like a Mac or an ipad or apple TV etc. Apple is at its best when you can leverage its entire ecosystem. But if you have a standalone iphone then who cares about an ecosystem as all you want is a car to match it.


Samsung Galaxy 5S



What Apples does Samsung tries to do it better. Though it lacks the smoothness and of an iphone or even the style of HTC One M8. We Indians are brand and value for money conscious. We also like big and bigger screens and this is where this phone scores. It is very simple there are people who buy an Iphone 5S and then there are people who buy Samsung Galaxy S5. The best part of this phone is that it is running an Android operating system which means that you have an open platform. Unlike iphone you can live with a standalone phone. The worst part about owning a Samsung flagship phone is that you have to look close to identify the phone as all of them look alike with difference of the screen size.


HTC One M8


This is the most stylish phone in the market today and boy it is every bit a head turner. I must admit it is my favorite in terms of style, usability and snob value. It is a beauty and full of features. HTC is struggling to survive even after having such good phone in their repertoire and my suggestion to them is to hire a top marketing guy from Apple. HTC products are good but they need good visibility and aftersales.


LG Google Nexus 5 



If you need a pure Google experience in a no nonsense phone than look no further. You might ask me why I have included this phone as it is not a flagship. It does not have a flashy price tag and also lack the style and ego meter like the others? The answer is Goggle, you will always get the latest google software the day it release and as I have already mentioned in my opening para that software will drive the future of smartphones. Intelligent people buy a NexusJ.


Nokia Lumia 930 & LG G2 Pro


20140313T022425 Nokia-Lumia-930-Beauty2


Though Nokia Lumia 930 is yet to launch in India I have included it as it is just around the corner and I have also pulled in LG G2 Pro in this list as it is beast of a phone. LG is pure muscle and is any day better phone in terms of features than even Samsung Galaxy S5. LG has similar problems as HTC as their marketing departments is weak. People don’t see LG as a top brand. Nokia is in a transition phase with Microsoft taking it over and the 930 will be the phone to look forward to as it will run the full version of Windows Mobile 8.1.

So guys this is my top 5 smartphones not on spec sheet but what they bring to the table. Let me know your top 5 smartphones pick and why. I will happy to get your opinion on this topic.



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