The Iconic Mobile phones

In this blog we look back in time and recollect some of the mobiles phones which became legends in India and across the world. These are brands and mobile phones which took the design, utility and the category to the next level. They made history in their own rights. I am not going on sales figures here but the uniqueness and what the devices brought to the table. The below list is in no specific order.

Iphone 3GS


When Steve Jobs unveiled the iphone to the world, he made history as the mobile phones from being a devise used for calling became a multi-purpose gadget. More importantly it gave the power of internet on man’s palms. Never has been a device so smooth, easy to understand and use. The world of applications were introduced which changed the way people use mobile phones now. The phone was a beautiful looking device. I have been using it till some time back and it performed all the tasks with each even after 5 years of its introduction. The iphone 3GS went on to become the highest selling mobile phone device in the history of mankind.

Nokia 6600


It is the big daddy of smartphones. Running on Symbian operating system it was the first (semi) smartphone of any kind to down this earth. The phone had a joystick which was its main feature and I remember playing all sorts of Java games on it. When this phone was introduced in the Indian market it sold at approximately Rs. 35,000, which if valued in today’s currency rate will be more expensive than any current flagship smartphone in the market. I had it and then after a year my driver bought one and finally every second person who could afford one. This phone alone took Nokia to become the top mobile phone manufacturer of the world.




Not Many people know that Motorola was the first company to ever make mobiles phones in the world. Motorola could not really make a major mark in Asia but in US it was big. But this phone changed it all. The phone was slick and sexy. It oozed personality and everyone be it a man or a women, boy or a girl  flaunted it. It was running a preparatory OS and had a flip design. Flip designs are no longer existing in the market as it is touch which rules now. The phone came in various metallic colours.

Nokia 1100



This was the bread and butter for Nokia. It was the cheapest phone but a no nonsense one. It did what it promised and was dam good at it. The later editions had radio as one of its features and was a hit for the common man. Even today most of the people use mobiles for calls and sms and this phone delivered n those aspects. It had a battery life which is still best in the industry. This is a mobile phone which gave common man the access to mobility in India and instrumental in making this country the third largest mobile market in the world.

Blackberry 8520


This was a phone for the blackberry boys and girls. Prior to this phone, blackberry was considered premium and only for executives. It not only introduced blackberry to the masses but also propelled the blackberry messenger to an iconic status. College goers, small business men to even girlfriends and boyfriends were hooked on to chatting and emails. This is also the first time when blackberry came out of its black tuxedo and was introduced in funky colours to lure the youth and this device did it in style.

The above is my list of phones which made history and became an iconic mobile phone, you must be having your list. Please do share it with us as sharing makes us richer.


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