Movie Review – Mastram *1/2


Mastram is a story of a struggling writer from Himachal who is trying to realise his dream to become a successful hindi fiction/ love story writer. He tries his luck in various places but fails. He also leaves his job in a bank to pursue his dream  career. His wife was his only supporter in this idea and rest of the world opposes his including his long time friend. After failing in his attempts to become a mainstream hindi fiction writer he decides to add some masala to his writing and along with a small time publisher starts writing a soft porn series under the name Mastram. The series becomes a hit with everyone reading it, enjoying it but not many talking about it.

There is not much to talk about the technicalities of the movie, the new lead actors have managed to do well but the direction and narration by Akhilesh Jaiswal is scratchy. The story though had lot of promise, leave us dry and predictable. It also leaves some bits hanging without any final answers. The pace of the movie is slow with below par production quality. In the past I have seen some similar budget movies do well in the box office due to strong story but this movie fails to impress.

Where the movie scores is the message it gives. It again brings to surface the hypocratic face of the society we live in. This statement is true not only in case of our relationships with the opposite sex but also with the choices we make in our lives in terms of studies we do, profession we choose, the person we get married to and other daily things. We like to do many things in our lives but we end up doing what is acceptable in the society.

* Poor, ** Below Average, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Very Good


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