Music Review – Saanwara by Jagjit Singh


He was an iconic figure in Indian music and God of Ghazals. But Jagjit Singh was also very popular for his bhajans. Jagjit Singh has a silken voice with deep notes. He has sung devotional songs in many languages and in many moods. He use to give his own music which was soft and extremely soothing to ears. Saanwara is a collection of bhajans and kirtans dedicated to Lord Krishna. This is arguably one of Jagjit Singh’s best albums. It get my highest recommendations and you should have it in your collection as it will fill you morning with beautiful names of the lord and will have a positive effect on your daily lives. The songs in the album are as under

Baat Nihare Ghanshyam

Hey Krishna Gopal Hari

Tum Dhondho Mujhe Gopal

Krishna Murariji Aanke

Banke Bihari

Krishna Pranat Pal Prabhu


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