Indian Assembly Elections – The countdown


Today India is all geared up for its governance. Today world will see history in the making. It is the counting day and everybody is doing a guess or perdition as to who will form the government, how will the alliances happen or will there be a hung assembly? Though the questions are many the answer is one and it is very simple. We in Indian want a government which is stable and provides fast decision making.

India is in need of policies, policies that are robust, sustainable and long terms. Situations where one day we open retail, the next day we close it, one day we open investment in the infrastructure sector, the very next days we levy tons of unnecessary taxes and permits is not good. All these things lead to ambiguity, indecisiveness and lack of trust. Lack of trust of people, consumers and investors.

We simply need a change, change in governance, change in the system, change in mindset, change in policies. Change in the way we see the world and above all change in the way the world sees us. I want be citizen of a country which drives the world economy, a country who everyone looks up to and a country where no one is unsafe. A country where every living being is cared for irrespective of its species, religion, caste, color or creed. I want to live in a country where there is freedom of speech, freedom to express and freedom to knowledge. I want to live in a country which is free of corruption and false promises.

I want a government which gives me my freedom. Vande Mataram


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