India paints Saffron on world map


BJP has won the 2014 general election emphatically. It is the first time in 30 years that a party has got a clear majority and needs no alliance in forming a government. This is a very big thing considering that we as a country have gone through especially in the last few year in the name of collaborated government. There has been policy paralysis and stunted growth.  There is a lot of expectation from the man at the helm Mr. Narendra D Modi. For the world he is an unknown entity. It is also true for many Indians as not much is known outside Gujarat about his governance skills but one thing is for sure that he has got a clear mandate and has to deliver. Till now of what he has been speaking and my guess is that he is a man of his words and is a strict administrator. He is a man who is grounded and has a proven record in implementation which this country lack.

On 26th May (Monday) when Mr. Modi forms the government, the world will watch. India is the biggest democracy, a world power with the third largest army and economy in terms of per capita income. There is a lot riding on one man’s shoulders. I am sure he must be having sleepless nights. If I have to make his to do list on day one it will look as following

Economic Growth by reviving and introducing national and international policies.

Tax reforms including direct tax code.


Checking government expenditures

Introducing new investment policies for MNC’s

Fast track the infrastructure programs


Strengthening our education system

The list goes on and on. He and his team will need all the best wishes as the time is limited and there is a lot to do. I wish him all the luck and looking forward to a prosperous and strong country.

All the best Modiji…. Vande Mataram




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