Movie Review – Godzilla ***


We deal with lizards and Cockroaches every day. They are ugly and yucky but we also know these creatures have weathered the test of millions of year. They have seen the ice ages and the great epidemics. They are still surviving the only thing that has changed is their shape and size and this is the basis of this story. They are larger than life on the silver screen and are back to entertain us. Godzilla is a Monster but it is there to restore the natures balance when mankind faces its deadliest attack from deep down the earth. It is not a movie for the faint hearted as you will be greeted by untameable monsters and sound effects what will be deafening.

The movie is bit slow to build up and takes the whole first half and some portion of the second half but it is worth the wait as the last 30 to 45 minutes are spellbinding. There are two problems with the movie though, first is the limited variation anyone can bring to the storyline and hence it is predictable. The second problem is that you rarely notice the actors as the entire limelight is taken by the central character Godzilla and its company. The direction is tight, CG and camera work is top notch but what takes the cake is the sound effects (just superb).

The movie is bit lengthy probably could have done with some more sharp editing but if you are looking for entertainment with a roller-coast ride then don’t miss it as you will not enjoy it on a home theatre.

(* Poor, ** Below Average, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Excellent)


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