Movie Review – Heropanti**1/2


Directed by Sabir Khan, This movie is a luncher for Tiger Shroff. He is the son for yesteryears bollywood star Jacky Shroff. The movie is a one time watch but there is nothing new in terms of story. It is a remake of a Telugu film named Parugu. The songs are at best foot taping with some numbers doing well.  The other lead in the film is new actress Kirti Sanon.

Jacky’s debut movie Hero was a superhit and had a master director in Subhash Ghai. Jacky looked the part he played which was rustic and had negative shades in it which was the catch and the reason for its success. Heropanti lacks that differentiating factor. The highlight of the movie though is Tiger and I am sure this movie has succeeded in positioning him as an upcoming talent to look forward in the future. He the the right balance of aggression, passion, attitude and the best thing is that he talk more with his eyes. It is said that when you act 90 % is your eyes that do the acting.


Go watch it if you like to see Tiger in action and have two and a half hours to spare.

(* Poor, ** Below Average, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Excellent)


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