Movie Review – X-Men: Days of the Future Past ****


First of all to start things with, I must acknowledge that this is a tough movie to make. We are dealing with two different time period and the story moves back and forth. Director Bryan Singer had a task of some magnitude in his hand and he has come out a winner as handing a story like this needs some skill. It is also all credit to writer Jane Goldman, the movies screenplay, sets and editing team to deliver a film like this.

Coming to the actors, what else would you expect but class from an ensemble of the talent the movie has to offer. Hugh Jackman is at his usual best as Logan the only area of concern is that though the character does not age Jackman is and it is showing on the big screen. Michael Fassbender is impressive as usual as the young Magneto. Jennifer Lawrence grows an an actor with every outing of hers. Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen adds the experience to the star star cast and are top class.

There are two areas of concern though in the film, first James McAvoy as he seems to be pushing hard to look the part he is supposed to  but somewhere he lacks the intensity required for the role. I think it is more to do with the casting as they should have taken someone with more aggression and screen presence to complement Patrick . The second problem I have with this film is that there are too many characters and it does not do justice to the actors playing them and screen time they get is very short. Looks at someone with the class of Oscar winner Halle Berry having just couple of scenes in the entire movie and I don’t remember a scene where she had a sizeable dialogue.

The movie on the other hand does scores heavily on special effects and graphics and the action does not get overboard.  The sound mixing is also worth applauding. You will get your money’s worth and this is another movie to catch up on the big screen rather than your home theatres.

(*Poor, ** Below Average, *** Average, **** Good, ***** Very Good)


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