Main Narendra Damodardas Modi


At 6 pm yesterday when Modiji who became the 15th Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world uttered these words, the whole world stood up and took notice. Delhi was a fortress and not many people were on the roads as they were all glued to their TV sets to witness the biggest event of this year. About 4500 odd people attended the function. They were invitees from all walks of life from politicians, to film stars, to sport stars, to even religious guru’s. What was also unique is that for the first time heads of state of all SAARC nations were invited and all of them were present either in person or represented by key dignitaries in their respective countries.

It is nothing new as there have been 14 times earlier when a Prime Minister has taken pledge in the country so what is different this time, why there is so much hype? To get an answer to this question you have to see it from the prospective of times we are in, times have changed and what is installed in the future is also changing. India is not only the largest democracy in the world but also one of the largest economies and super power of the world and so the PM of this country is probably one of the most powerful leaders of the world. This was not the case couple of decades back when we were going through a turmoil. Coupled this with China’s growth and you will realise that there is a shift of power from the west to the east. Everyone is eyeing these markets. The share market which is a relection of the health of an economy to some extent is also hovering around 25000 points and is expected to touch 30000 points in case the budget is pro industry and foreign investments.

But this is a position we have not achieved in one day. There is a lot for which we should thank Dr. Manmohan Singhji our out going PM for his work especially as a finance minister under the leadership of our then PM Mr. P V Narasimha Rao in the early 1990’s. They have been visionaries and have driven the country so far to where it is right now. If I would have to find a similarity of this pair with Indian cricket they are like Ganguly and John Wright. Narendra Modi is like the now captain of India M S Dhoni. Ganguly has handed over a succesful legacy to Dhoni and he has driven Indian cricket forward to new heights. Similarly Dr. Singh has given a strong legacy to Mr. Modi and he has to now do what Dhoni has done for Indian cricket. I know many will not agree with the above statement but it is true.

Everyone is having so much expectation from Mr. Modi both within the country and outside. He has been given a clear mandate from the people of the country. He has shown a example of what he wants to achieve by keeping the team small and inviting the leaders of our neighbouring countries. I am confident that he being an intelligent person and has his feet grounded, will be listing to people of this country. Very few individuals in this world get an opportunity like this. This is an opportunity to re-wright history. Modiji all the very best.

Vande Matram


One thought on “Main Narendra Damodardas Modi

  1. Nicely written …Nice to see someone recognising the vision of P.V. Narsimhao Rao.. which even his party never did…
    Read my article about why we hated and then liked our new PM for the same reasons..


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