My Travel Diary: Universal Studios Singapore


Last week was fun as I was holidaying at Singapore. It was hot, sultry and was raining. Through it was not the best time to be roaming outside, I was super excited as I was going to Universal Studios. First things first you should always take a express pass as it reduces your time taken for waiting for the rides by less than half. There is a great chance that you will end up missing some of the attractions if you are on regular ticket. There are many rides and attractions Ito watch out for by I have selected for you the once I liked and I am sure you will do to when you visit.

  1. Transformers (Si Fi City)


Arguably the best ride of all. In this ride you sit in a capsule with capacity of 7 – 8 people. You have to wear 3D glasses and then it is all high octane fun. You are fighting the megatron alongside Optimus prime and bumble bee. There is motion, active senses and of course the 3D effects are stunning. You are in the middle of a battle field with bullets and robots surrounding you.

  1. Egypt


This is deadly roll-a-costa ride. The build-up is stunning with Egyptian architecture all around. When you are inside you are greeted by mummies and strange dead creatures in their afterlife. It is not a ride for the weak hearted.

  1. Far Far Away


Shrek is back with his princes Fiona and is accompanied by this fiend the donkey and his sweet heart the dragon. The princes is been captured and taken to a creepy haunted place where the ghostly cruel prince wants to marry here. Shrek and his company is all out to rescue her. It is a 5D experience with 3D with motion and senses.

  1. The lost world


It is now time to have a boat ride with the dinosaurs. The whole island is ruined and the dinosaurs are roaming at large. In the boat with three others you are trying to duck through the tunnels to make sure the you don’t become the hunted. The ride is entertaining and wet. You are time and again greeted with splashes of water. Buy a raincoat from the vendors before entering the ride.

Apart from the boat rise there is also a roll-a-costa ride which will take you over the entire lost world. It is fast but short. You will enjoy it.

  1. Water world


This is an open amphitheatre where a scene from the movie water world is enacted. The set is a hidden base on which the people of the bad forces attack and try to capture the heroine. The Hero of the movie comes and rescues his lady love. The act is high in energy and there are lots of bullets and blasts. There is also a plane which comes flying in. If you are sitting in the front seat you are sure to get wet as the artist make sure of that with their acts and stunts. Though the act after sometime becomes repetitive it is still worth visiting.

  1. New York & Hollywood

IMG_20140604_072914 IMG_20140604_073008

This the heart of it all, you have street plays, places to hang out and theatres. This is a classic 60’s setting with vintage cars and alleys. You have the Monsters rock to look forward to which is a Broadway musical. There are puppets who will take you to outer space and you also have lights camera and action which is a tribute to the countless technician’s working day and night to produce the visual effects you see in the movies. The show is hosted by none other than Steven Spielberg.

All in all Universal Studios is worth exploring the next time you visit Singapore. Spend a day here and you will have a great time with your stars and the characters from the silver screen who come alive to entertain you.




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