Movie Review – Holiday (A soldier is never off duty) ***1/2



Holiday as the name suggests is a story about a soldier by the name Virat (Akshay Kumar), who comes home from his posting on a holiday and gets entangled in a terrorist situation. The movie is directed by A R Murugadoss of Ghajini fame. Like Ghajini, Murugadoss keeps this film also tight and fast paced with no extra flabs. The editing is crisp and you are in the story from scene one. Akshay Kumar is in his usual best with his action scenes and you enjoy the overall treatment of the movie. The story is also quite relevant in today’s world and it helps in relating to the subject as nowadays so much is written or spoken about terrorism. Sumeet Raghavan has a meaty role alongside Akshay and does a fine job. Freddy Daruwala is the new kid on the block and it good for his first outing.

Now the spoilers, first Sonakshi Sinha, she has no role in the movie. The only thing she does is sing and dance and distract the plot. The songs are also very average. Sonakshi herself is looking completely out of sorts and her overall all makeup and fashion sense is completely off. The second spoiler is the ending, the hero who is an army man engaging the villain who is a terrorist in a battle of fist in front of 100 gunmen. This can only happen in a bollywood masala cinema. The film could have done well without these elements.

Nevertheless Holiday is a good movie for a weekend watch and will be a paisa vasul.

*Poor, **Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, *****Very Good


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