My Travel Diary: Gardens by the bay Singapore


If you are a nature lover or even just a lover then don’t miss visiting Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. This kind of a facility can be erected only in a city like Singapore as it is a global city with a global audience. Gardens by the bay is a marvel of an architecture having two domes comprising of green houses. One dome is called the Flower Dome and the other is called Cloud Forest. Even the external architecture of the park is scientifically designed to be extremely energy efficient. Let talk at the two domes in bit more detail

Flower Dome:

Flower Dome is designed to house plants and flowers from various parts of the world. You will get to see from cactus to bonsai. All around the place you have boards which gives you inform about the habitat. Also you have points where you can get details via headphone in your own language. The walk way look beautiful with different flowers all around which ends in a central area where you have a beautiful lawn with Eiffel tower made of natural growth in the center. There were a newlywed couple who were busy getting there photo-shoot done and I also saw a couple with their kids exchanging vows which was interesting. It is a paradise for photographers and I myself got the chance to click some beautiful pictures with some splendid interesting closeup and micro shots from my mobile camera, which are shared below

IMG_20140606_131634 IMG_20140606_131950 IMG_20140606_132046 IMG_20140606_132146 IMG_20140606_132615 IMG_20140606_132913 IMG_20140606_132821 IMG_20140606_132756 IMG_20140606_132725 IMG_20140606_132658 IMG_20140606_133315 IMG_20140606_133501 IMG_20140606_133721 IMG_20140606_133813 IMG_20140606_133315 IMG_20140606_133421 IMG_20140606_133507 IMG_20140606_133638 IMG_20140606_133753 IMG_20140606_133820 IMG_20140606_134117 IMG_20140606_134143 IMG_20140606_134225 IMG_20140606_134249 IMG_20140606_134308 IMG_20140606_134335 IMG_20140606_134410 IMG_20140606_134451

Cloud Forest:

Cloud Forest is a very interesting concept wherein you are greeted by a beautiful man made waterfall. The fall should be between 8 to 10 floors tall and is surrounded by various forest vegetation. You will see various trees and creepers both with and without flowers. The ideal way to see this place is to go to the top by the lifts and then walk down which is surrounding the waterfall. As you come to the final two floors you have an area which gives you a demonstration of the facility and you have an AV on what will happen globally in case there is +5 degree rise in temperature. Some interesting pictures below

IMG_20140606_142356 IMG_20140606_142712 IMG_20140606_142742 IMG_20140606_142813 IMG_20140606_142934 IMG_20140606_143040 IMG_20140606_143102 IMG_20140606_143130 IMG_20140606_143218 IMG_20140606_143758 IMG_20140606_143821 IMG_20140606_143840 IMG_20140606_143913 IMG_20140606_144012 IMG_20140606_144039 IMG_20140606_144112 IMG_20140606_144146 IMG_20140606_144215 IMG_20140606_144248 IMG_20140606_144301 IMG_20140606_144327 IMG_20140606_144411 IMG_20140606_144431 IMG_20140606_144518 IMG_20140606_144542 IMG_20140606_144602 IMG_20140606_144620 IMG_20140606_144859 IMG_20140606_145254 IMG_20140606_145849 IMG_20140606_145915 IMG_20140606_150113 IMG_20140606_150812 IMG_20140606_150930 IMG_20140606_151056 IMG_20140606_152512 IMG_20140606_152753 IMG_20140606_153338

Gardens by the bay is a world call architecture and is a must watch for you and your children’s. Ticket for four should call you around 100 Singapore dollars. You will need an entire day to really do justice to your visit but a crash course will also be of minimum half a day.



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