Movie Review – Humshakals – A critic’s disaster and a box office success *


There was time when we use to say “if you want to enjoy a David Dhawan movie, keep your brains outside”. Well for Humshakals ideally you should keep yourself outside of the theaters, it is a bad movie in all sense and Sajid Khan does have a masterly in making such movies and be commercially successful. Actually there is no movie to review here and I feel sad if such movies do well on the box office because it also shows the taste of today’s audience. This reaction from people has a lot to do with the kind of life style we live. Life is full of stress and every day when you pull out the morning newspaper 3 to 4 pages are only having news of murder, suicide, rape and the story is endless. Humshakals is a mindless movie which makes no sense or nonsense out of life and I guess that’s the selling point. People want to just send three hours of their day where they just don’t want to think anything. I have nothing more to say if you want to kill time and sleep in an air-conditioned theater, you ae most welcome to go and watch this movie.

*Poor, **Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, *****Very Good


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