Dislike button on Facebook!


In life most of the time we have choices. We choose our clothes, food, place to live, people we hang out with, what we do, what we don’t want to do etc. etc.. We also post these things on Facebook and people either comment on them or LIKE them or just ignore them. But what if someone does not like what you have posted or you did not like what has been post by your friend or colleague. Words always do not convey the right expression hence you have a like button on Facebook. Similarly don’t you think we should also have a DISLIKE button on Facebook.

I think it makes sense, you don’t have to say anything just dislike a post, a comment, a picture or anything posted on the social network and that about it. People will say if you don’t like a thing ignore it but I don’t approve of this attitude it makes us timid. If you dislike something you should express it otherwise those things will keep on happening without any check. I thinks there is no better way to do it than having a dislike button.

What do you say? what is your opinion?


Facebook are you listening?


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