Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai (Top 5 Indian & Chinese mobile brands)

China and India are world number 2 and 3 respectively in terms of mobile phone market and rightly so as they are value for money markets. People in both the countries want to get the most out of their buck. In this mad mobile race the brands of the world are trying to raise the bar and in doing so the price of the products. Who would have imagined even 5 years back that a mobile will set at the same cost of a mid-range laptop. In 50K India rupees we can get a high end TV, refrigerator, furniture’s and practically the first down payment of a small car.

Not everyone can afford a flagship smartphone and the budget to midrange mobiles from these global brands are not so good in terms of specification (at least on paper). Now we have a set of companies who are try to fill this gap and target a large market which is hungry for phones with high specifications but does not want to pay for a flagship. This is the value for money market, the middle class.

Micromax Mobiles


Micromax is the first Indian company to go global. It has been a revelation in the Indian mobile market becoming the number 1 mobile company superseding players like Samsung & Nokia in terms of no. of handset sold. The company sources it devices from China and tried to give top end specification in half the price. Micromax has off late improved their hardware designing has a long way to go in terms of software as they should now start R&D and investments on their own android skin like sense from HTC and touchwiz from Samsung. They will be also manufacturing phones running on windows in the near future. Micromax should also focus on aftersales as it will ensure customer loyalty towards the brand.

Lava Mobiles


This is another Indian company which has done remarkably well in the market and created a space for itself. Lava also has a sub brand called Xolo with a more premium design philosophy. Both the brads are doing extremely well in the market. Lava mobiles is known for their hardware design. They have also invested in proprietary app development. Like Micromax they should also strengthen their after sales and marketing.

Karbonn Mobiles


This is the third player in the Indian economy mobile manufacturer list. They make some sturdy handsets but are a second only to Micromax and lava in terms of design and their market presence. They are doing well in the tablet market.



It is the largest Chinese mobile manufacturer which has now entered the Indian market. The company manufactures some stunning hardware. The latest Gionee elife s5.5 is a stunner. They are taking the right steps and talking the right words. They use a heavily customized Android for their phones. They are setting up aftersales base in India and investing heavily on marketing activities.  They have made their presence felt in the Indian Market.



Oppo is another Chinese mobile phone manufacturer who has entered the Indian market primarily through distributers. They primarily focus on mid to top end phones. In terms of hardware there phones ooze personality and style. In the near future they can be a major force to reckon in the mobile market.


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