Today’s Unemployed Tomorrow’s Criminals!


Today while going through the morning papers, I came across an article on the census of unemployed youth in India. I could not stop myself writing this blog and letting out my frustration on the overall system in our country. The article showed some staggering figures on how many youth in our country are unemployed both boys and girls, men and women at various age brackets. It also gave data on people still working after 60 years of age. Both may seem two different things but are actually same. Government and policy makers in our country have only tried to solve immediate problems faced by them and have completely forgotten or ignored the main problem we have in our education system and society as a whole.

Our education system is rotten, we create book worms but not skilled youth ready for employment. Today’s schools and colleges are busy churning out percentage machines as students have to keep in mind the 100% cut off’s. But who is worried about the employability of the final product? After all the hard work when the youth starts exploring  job opportunities he get shock of his life time as in the work field all he has studies is of no use and he needs to again unlearn and learn new things to find fitment in the market. If there is a job opening for a peon in a government sector thousands of people will apply and majority of them will be graduates, sad state of affairs.

Before we had only caste system to counter in our society, nowadays we also have quota system on top of that. This is the most atrocious system ever implemented anywhere in the world and we have it in India. Why on earth should we have this system I really don’t understand? If government wants to help people get good employment it should focus on grass root levels like primary and secondary education. If they want to help financially challenged people then give them free education in colleges but let the student succeed through merit. If the government at all wants to implement a quota system do it on financial grounds and not on caste. Where in the world is it written that a boy coming from a brahmin family will always be privileged and a boy coming for a tribal family will always be under privileged? This is outright murder of a deserving student and you are also not doing any favour to the student coming through this quota system as he/she will eventually fail and be even more frustrated.

We are one of the youngest counties in the world. Our political leaders proudly talk about the youth of India and its strength but do we also have the most employment ready youth in the world? The answer is a big ‘NO’. With unemployment figures touching 20% we have a big problem in our hands. Our so-called strength is going to become our biggest curse. These young people who are not getting employment will eventually get frustrated, some will commit suicides, some will become criminals, some rapist and some eventually will restore to terrorism. The future of our country is bleak and it is getting bad to worst. A storm of civil unrest is around the corner.



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