We like alike but love unlike

Like and Love

You must be trying to figure out what kind of a statement is this? Well I was watching a movie yesterday called ‘The family stone’. The story is about a guy visiting his family on Christmas with his girlfriend he wants to marry. The story unfolds and they both eventually figure out that they only liked each other but now have fallen in love with someone else. They liked each other because they were alike. They looked the same as they had similar taste when it came to dresses and color choices (well almost). They liked reading similar stuff and even had similar thought process. But now as they have discovered themselves and found their love who are so different to themselves, so unlike them.

Remember your first day in college? You did not know anyone there. Slowly as time passed by you start hanging around with some people whom you start calling friends. You have start liking them now. They have become your friends because you guys think alike. You like the same stuff, do similar things etc. etc… Then there is this girl who though might be hanging around with the same group is a little different than others. She has her own opinion, acts differently and is very unlike you and that triggers something inside you, ‘curiosity’. You now want to know her more. Slowly you start spending more time with her. This is a mutual feeling and as you guys explore each other, you develop a kind of liking for each other but it’s different though. It is not the same feeling you have for the other member of your gang.  Eventually when you come to your senses you realize that you are already deeply in love with her.

It is nothing but the law of nature that opposites attract each other, north attracts south, east attracts west. The husband is a talkative bloke but his wife speaks less, the boy is a nut case but the girl is sensible. This is quite natural and has a purpose. This unlikeliness basically helps in balancing stuff. People mostly confuse liking with love. They are two different things though I must say that mostly love emerges from Liking. But there are also many cases where people have fallen in love with persons whom they use to hate.

People say marriage is a compromise but I would rather like to put it in a different way. Marriage is a union of two completely different people who in their journey together keep discovering themselves through each other.  The more unlike they are to each other the deeper is the bond and it keeps getting stronger with time. In India especially where the institute of marriage is heavily tilted towards arrange marriages, you meet your spouse only after you are married. Seldom do you get the courtship period to know each other before marriage. It is complicated here and you have to depend on your parent’s judgment but this law of nature still works in this case.

The trend is changing though and love is in the air. So if you want to find your true love, open your heart and start looking out, you will find lots of people who will become your friends and eventually one day you will come across the one who is a just that bit unlike you. She keeps fighting with you but also cares for you. She misses you, waits for you and when you turn up late is miffed with you. But remember your love will be as deep as your unlikeliness and then you will understand what I said

“We like alike but love unlike”


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