Dawn of the Planet of Apes ****1/2

dawn_of_apes_teaser_poster I am late in writing this review as I could only watch the movie this weekend. I have always liked the POA series and this one also lives up to the expectation. Especially after the disappointment of Transformers this summer, this was the most awaited release. The movie was release on 11th July 2014 but it is still running houseful in India. DOPOA is all about Ceasar (Andy Serkis) and his ideologies. He is the leader of leaders, he not only dictate terms for the Apes but also Humans. His character and screen presence is so overwhelming that even the likes of Gary Oldman struggled in making his presence felt. The movie is from the top drawer with top notch acting, action, drama and above all make-up clubbed with CG. Another high point of the movie is its story. With all the things happening around you, it is finally a story about family, love and trust. These values run deep in the DNA of the film and it stays with you which is unlike nowadays action movies and is a good thing. Director Matt Reeves has done an excellent job with the camera and crisp editing and was on top of the action. The end of the movie is nicely plotted and motivates you to wait for the sequel. There is not much which can be pointed out as missing barring the length of the movie which could have done without the extra 15 minutes. This movie gets my high recommendation, go watch it, you will love it. *Poor **Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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