Movie Review – Kick *1/2


Well it is a Salman Khan movie full of masala and lots to star attraction. It will surely cross 2 crore and Mr. Khan will get his eidee but is the movie worth the applause? First of all the story does not stich well, by the way do we even have a story here? There are lots of loop hole in the editing department as some scenes and songs are just there and have no meaning, not that they ever have in his movies. It is Nadiawala’s first directorial venture and he is advised to reframe from it in future but I know he will not listen. The fact remains that he is better off producing a film.

Salman in his usual form is becoming more and more monotones and needs to reinvent himself if he has to remain in the industry for a longer time. He is nearing fifty and should now bring verity to the roles he is picking.  Most Indian process English in Hindi in their minds and then speak but it is reverse for people like Jacqueline and Kathrina. Mithun is wasted.

Dabang was a far better movie than Kick, this is one of the worst from the hunk. Usually when you watch a good movie, time flies but with Kick you wish the movie ends soon.


*Poor **Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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