Movie Review – Entertainment ***


This movie did not get the best reviews but I kind of liked it for the fact that it does what it claims and that is make people laugh. It is not those confusing types. Akshay Kumar has made it his habit nowadays to deliver more than what is expected out of him with movies like Special 26, Holiday and now this one. But the main Hero of this movie is the golden retriever. I like dogs and probably little biased as it is not a easy task to make a canine act to whatever degree.

Technically there is not much to write about in this movie. Some of the songs are peppy and will be club favorites. Tamannaah did not have much to do and the meatier roles went to Johnny Lever and Krushna. I also liked the cameo played by Mithun. It is director Farhad Sajid’s directorial debut after being a writer for some recent super hit comedy movies like Golmaal and Houseful. We expect some more stuff probably better from them in the future as they surly have the timing needed for comedy.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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