Let’s start another Freedom Movement…


It’s August 14 and as we come closer to another eve of 15th August and you start to feel an uneasiness in the air. Yes uneasiness as there is fear amidst joy. Tomorrow we celebrate our nations Independence but wait then why this fear? Well for the starters there is a curfew like situation on the roads. The traffic is thin, Metros are running empty, parking are being shut down and Delhi has turned into a fortress with armed forces all around. I feel like driving in a war zone.

This has been the story pretty much every year. Every year on our Independence Day we are fighting a war and that’s the reason of my fear, that uneasiness I am talking about. 67 years back we got our freedom from the British rule but the celebrations have faded away not because people don’t want to remember the pain and sacrifice people went through to get that freedom. Believe me people want to celebrate the freedom we got but in the present times we are no longer free anymore. We have become slaves again. We have become slaves to terror. Terror from inside and outside the country. People wants to go out and celebrate this glorious day with their kids, go to India gate or to the central park to salute the new beautifully hoisted National Flag and sing our National Anthem but alas the fear stops us. There is this uncomfortable security which does not allow you to breathe freely. I know it is there to protect us but again protect us from what? Every Independence Day and Republic Day India goes on high alert. This is really annoying.

We have to again start gearing up to fight this new enemy and this time it will be way tougher than our last Independence because what we are fighting here is unknown, unseen and is living amongst us. Each and every one of us have to show the courage to stand up to this nuisance. It is not just the work of our government or our security forces to protect us anymore. No one can protect us from this enemy but ourselves. We need to be vigilant, we need to be alert to anything or anyone who does not fit into the scheme of things.

To fight this new enemy called terror we need to start believing in ourselves again and start another freedom movement.

Vande Mataram…..



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