Movie Review – Singham Returns **


This is a trademark Rohit Shetty film. There are bullets and cars flying all around. Heroine has a minuscule role dominated by songs. The Hero is a hunk even if he is and looks 50, he is an eligible bachelor. The story is extremely predictable. Rohit has been doing similar films since he was born in the industry and people kind of like it but there should be some innovation which is dearly lacking in the new avatar of the franchise.

This is a film made to fit Ajay Devgan and that’s probably the film is also produced by him. Frankly speaking Ajay is the only reason why you would like to even watch this movie and he does deliver. Another person who stands out in his performance is Amole Gupte as the unholy baba. I think Kareena should now grow and shed her Batinda girl image as age is catching up and she should look at more matured roles. Rohit could have casted a more conservative female lead here and saved some money. Rohit has also casted his longtime friend Dayanand Shetty which is a good gesture and he does fit a policeman’s role.

Spoiler: Dear Rohit, I have no issues with use of regional language. In this case it is Marathi. But if you are using it at lot then you should give subtitles as not everyone is well versed.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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