Techie September – Love is in the air


Like February there is love in the air as we are closing on September but with a tech twist. Technology lovers all across the world love September as it is the month of huge announcements. For starters Apple will be launching their new operating systems and devices running them. Microsoft will launch new OS and devices. Motorola also will be introducing some new phones in the market. Google has the Nexus X to talk about. Xiaomi is making the right noises in the market. Micromax hope to topple Samsung as the number one smartphone manufacturer in India. There is lots happening in the mobile space across the world and in India.

But the best part is the buildup about September and its releases. Tech journalist and bloggers across the world talk about these releases. From various sources (unknown LOL) they publish so many leaks that the main event becomes a mere formality. But its fun, I believe the journey is always more fun than the final destination. The process to buy a mobile phone is always better that buying a mobile. You do your hours of research. Go through innumerable blogs and reviews and finally come to your conclusion. For Apple the build up to September 9th is more fun than September 9.

In today’s mobile world once the phone is out people start talking about the next installment. All this hype and news and gossips lead to high sales for the companies, bigger dent in the pocket for people like us and heart burns for those who can buy them. But before taking the plunge into the new device, we need to ask ourselves do we actually need it? Does it give me what I need and more importantly how much do I really need? Realistically speaking you can still use your iPhone 4 if not the 3 series. It is like buying a 4K TV today where you do not have the content. I was reading the leaked tech specs of Nexus X where it showcased 2K resolution where even the best content in You Tube is 1010p.


The times are good, technology is advancing faster than ever before and love of technology is in the air but you need to decide what you need and how much enough for the time being as you only have to live with it, good or bad. J


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