Movie Review – Mary Kom****


For starters I must say it is one of the toughest things to make a biopic as people have very high expectations. Audience know the person the movie is talking about in the film and if the person is alive then he or she should be also convinced about the final product. There have been in the recent past many biopics, Paan Singh Tomar, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and now Mary Kom and they have all done well hence kudos to the people behind these projects.

The best part about Mary Kom the film is Priyanka. She played the part with lot of sincerity but did not try to overshadow the sportsperson by overdoing stuff and so you can feel the heart of Mary Kom herself in the movie through out. The movie does not feel like a documentary and builds up with time. I have always maintained that songs especially in a biopic take some of the natural element away from the film. Through some of the songs are soulful it could have done without some. Another area which got neglected is some of the details of the struggling phase of the sports person. The film for commercial reasons tend to shift more towards the love of her life and not the tiffs she had with the authorities.

This a directorial debut for Umang Kumar with previous experience in art direction in films like Black and Saawariya . He could capture the beauty of Manipal quite brilliantly. The movie also has the right pace. Though Priyanka did a great job, I for one think the director here could have experimented with some local talent for more realistic physical attributes which cannot be achieved by makeup. There have some talk in the media on comparing Priyanka’s fee for the movie and the sports persons personal earnings in her real life but I feel this is something for the government and sports federations to look at as the actor is a professional and is just doing her job.

Overall I would like to recommend this movie for the family, after all sports oriented movies are good motivators after.

P.S. I have given one star in my rating for M C Mary Kom herself.


*Poor **Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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