Movie Review – Khoobsurat**1/2


This is a remake of the classic ‘Khoobsurat’ by the legend Hrishikesh Mukherjee and I must say given a choice I would still like to watch the 1980 classic again and again rather than this avatar. Everything looks so made up and forced. The acting is not natural at all and the editing is flat. Sonam though looks stunning and can carry even the most outrageous outfits but her acting skills unfortunately leaves lot to be desired. She looked the most comfortable in ‘Aaisha’. New boy Fawad Khan is convincing as a prince but lacked a bit of royal aggression (you know what I mean;.

The highlight of the movie are Ratna Pathak & Kiron Kher. Both have tried to lend the required masala and flavor to the otherwise predictive and dull story. The music by Sneha Khanwalkar is just ok. Director Shashanka Ghosh had some big shoes to fill as this is sure to draw comparison with the Mukherjee classic and frankly he does not live up to the expectations. The refreshing thing about the film though is its locations, cinematography, set, art and dress direction which combined have done a brilliant job in capturing the grandeur of royal life in Rajesthan, after all this is a Disney Movie.

*Poor, **Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, *****Very Good


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