Apples of various shapes and sizes to Watch for

Tim Cook

Gone are the days when companies like Apple use to dictate people what gadgets they should use, the in-thing in tech fashion, their specifications of the products etc. One look at the Apple event and you know consumer is the king now. Apple also no longer can boost of the best hardware and specifications as many companies and products are way ahead in terms of specification. I recently saw a comparison between the nexus 5 and iPhone 6. For a layman they have same specs but the interesting part is that nexus 5 launched a decade age if you see the pace in which technology is changing and is ready for another revamp soon.

So why do I buy the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone plus or even the iWatch which is exorbitantly priced. I thinks the only reason will be the over all experience of using the products. Apple products are miles ahead of any Android based products. The Android interface is still crude and laggy when compared to Apple. As Android has to be designed keeping in mind all different shapes and sizes it kind of misses on bits and pieces. The experience is very similar to when you wear a ready-made shirt which is designed to  fit a large pool of people than when you tailor make a shirt for yourself. Apples tailor makes the software and hardware to complement each other and that is the beauty.

The ecosystem with the new handoff and pay etc is another strength of Apple especially for people in US. But for India I would think otherwise. India is a value based market. Lot of companies fail in India thinking that it is a market for cheap products. No there is a difference between cheap products and value for money products. iPhone or other Apple products are bought in India for two reasons, snob value and ease of use. There are limited person who use the entire ecosystem of the product range. In India corporates are also predominantly PC driven and there are compatibility issues unlike US. Most of the people do not use the smart phone to its fullest capacity.

Other reasons for Apples limited penetration in Indian market is the content. India strives on torrents and pirated stuff which Android being a open source project allows but not possible in Apple easily. In US Apple is bundled with carriers but here most people like to buy it of the shelves in Retail or online stores and they have to pay the complete price upfront which is a downer. Also when you buy it in easy installments the credit card is blocked for the full amount which is ridiculous.

Now if I talk about the products the construction is very Apple like and are good. The phones look premium and the watch is decent. I am sure there will be a lot of takers for the phones. I am not a big fan of the watch though for two reasons, one it works with a phone (only iPhone) and not stand alone and two if I am buying such an expensive watch in two year the technology will be obsolete. When you buy a Tag or Rado or Rolex they stay with you for a long time and are evergreen but Apple I sincerely doubt.

In the entire program Tim Cook was the happiest man and should be as per the latest news the phones have been booked in record numbers and I am sure the fate will be same for the Watch. If you ask me iPhone 6 is the best product amongst the three launched. The plus version is too big might as well buy a iPad mini and the watch is just too premature and need lot of work.


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