Movie Review – Bang Bang**1/2


Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t watched Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz starrer Knight & day don’t bother and if you don’t want to watch this movie don’t bother either as you will not miss much. I watched it for Hrithik Roshan (as many of you would be doing) as he accordingly to me is the most complete lead actor of our industry today. Katrina Kaif is consistant in all her movies, she looks hot and sexy but her acting skills are not much to talk about. I was presently surprised to see Danny Denzongpa back in his usual avatar and good to see him in good health too. I have always maintained Javed Jaffrey is one of the most underutilized actor of our industry as he has great potential.

Though the story has not much to appreciate about, the movie is shot at some of the best locations around the world and the cinematography of this film is awesome. The team has done a fabulous job but alas the story could have done justice to all the talent available. In fact the story was so predictable that it took me the first 10 minutes to guess the end and I was BANG on target. Music from Vishal Shekhar is foot taping and is surly going to rule the charts for some time. Again where there is Hrithik Roshan , I need not write about choreography and his dance, it is just out of the world.

Overall if you are Hrithik or Katrina fan go have fun.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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