Apple- The Retina Specialist


It’s Retina display raining all across be it the iPad or iMac. The company is investing heavily on hardware along with software. Size zero is the order of the day with iPad and iPad Mini. They now get the finger print scanner, 64 bit second generation architecture and retain the same battery life. The iMac on the other hand becomes much more powerful and brighter (not reviewed in this article).

So what has all this got to do with us? Well to start with we need to shell out more money. But at user level does that mean anything? Not really. The fact is that the human eye cannot differentiate between screens with pixel density more than 300ppi. So even if you bump it up it is of no use. Yes you will find the difference with the polarisation and anti glare which will help in visibility. Apple has done a sensible thing to retain the original iPad Mini as it can now compete with the Samsung’s of the world in the mid to economy segment of tablet market in countries like India. Apple needed to have a penetration strategy along with a skimming strategy to get a decent market share in developing markets and this will provide them that platform.

At the heart of any hardware is the power of its software and in Apples case they complement each other and that makes the deal more interesting. The older hardware are equally capable of running the latest software hence it will make more sense to buy a product which is a year old for budget conscious people like us. Then there is that 4,75,000 apps market especially designed for the iPad platform which will be the icing on the cake.

Lets handoff to Apple now to deliver the products without bendgate J.


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