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Continuing with my earlier blog I will now detail out how to install XBMC on your devices, what are Add-on’s , how to use Add-on’s, some good ones in the business and XBMC remotes. I have installed the XBMC software from http://xbmc.org/download. For my Smart Box the software (60 mb in size)was found under Android through the ARM link. I have also installed XBMC on my Windows PC through the same page under the Windows OS. Once you have downloaded the software you have to just install the it and you are ready to go. There are lots of video’s on You Tube on how to install the remaining software through settings so I will not get into the details here.


The native XBMC software supports lots of Add-on’s for Video, Music & Pictures. The list of Add-on’s might vary from country to country but Add-on’s like You Tube will be available everywhere. These Add-on’s are small programs or apps or webpages attached/pinned to the basic software which when enabled pull’s and streams media from the the internet. Again there are various videos on You Tube on how to install Add-on’s hence I will not elaborate on the topic. After exploring all the native Add-on’s if you still are hungry for more than you can also install some great third-party Add-on’s and extended playlists developed and posted by the XBMC community and fan club which will help in making your XBMC experience much more interesting. There are some great Add-on’s like Mash-up, i search and Fusion for streaming free movies and TV series. For HD content you need a good broadband internet connection.

On all OS platform you will find various remote software/apps for XBMC. They are replica of the physical XBMC remotes. XBMC has an official remote which I have downloaded for free on my Android smart phone. It is also available on IOS. You just need to pair it with the XBMC software on your Android Smart Box or your PC or Mac and you are good to go. I have also downloaded a remote called ‘Yatse’ on to my smart phone. Though the basic remote is free you can purchase an Add-on from the in-app purchase section and stream local media on you big TV , PC, Mac or where ever you have installed your XBMC software. Yatse is also good for Airplay. There might be some initial stutter or lag while playing HD content, which might be the result of lack of Wifi strength or the hardware limitations of the device where you have installed the XBMC software or your smart phone but later on it should smoothen out. You can use these remotes to scroll through the XBMC software on your TV or your PC/Mac or otherwise choose the media you wish to play on your smart phone itself and the software will stream it on the desired device. Once you have started the streaming you can use your phone for other activities as the XBMC software is streaming the media itself through Wifi and using resources from the Device it is installed on and your smart phone is just a tool to trigger the command. Same is the case with Airplay where it is streaming local media from the phone to the desired device. The only difference here is that it keeps the smartphone engaged in the background which drains out the battery of the phone faster.

XBMC is a great software to make your not so smart TV ‘Smart’. It also give you lots of control on your hands through these interesting remotes. Streaming media locally or on the internet have never been so interesting and fun. There is a lot to explore for me on the XBMC platform and I will keep posting my findings from time to time. In future XBMC will be renamed as ‘Kodi’ and hopefully the new iteration will bring in more features and ease of use. Till them keep exploring and have fun with XBMC. Play with its customisation tools, skins and create your own Smart TV. Look no further.

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