Movie Review – The Equalizer***


I am a big fan of Denzel Washigton. He is to me one of the most talented actors ever to grace the silver screen. I was quite excited to watch this movie but was quite disappointed at the end as there was nothing new in this movie. There was nothing which I can say I have seen for the first time. The movie is in fact so predictable that by the time you are half an hour into the movie you know the end.

A girls involvement with Russian mafia and she getting bashed up is no reason for a under cover to throw the kitchen sink on the entire mafia. The characterization is very weak and Washington is untouchable. I have seen action movies more absurd than this but when it comes to Denzal Washington, I expect more. It is hard to believe a movie like this been made by Training Day fame director Antonie Furua, it is probably one of this off days.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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