Movie Review – What if**


This is a story of two people who are confused, are they in love or its just friendship? Can a man and a women be just friends? The movie is light at heart and has a good feel to it but the fun ends here. The story is a one liner and as saying goes old run in a new bottle. For ages we have been witness to this kind of films. They come and go as there is nothing new in them.

Daniel Redcliffe is so short that he is shorter than all the actors in the film and to me the only role he ever fitted in is Harry Porter. His acting skills is also not much to talk about. This I can safely say for even Zoe Kazan, she lacks screen presence and is just about average. The actor I really liked in the film is Adam driver. He is funny and id more likable than the actual lead.

And to answer the perpetual question ‘can a man and women be friends’? God has made us different physically but then if you ever grow over the physical aspect you will hopefully find the answer.

Over all you can safely give this a miss and

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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