Movie Review – Happy Ending*1/2


Couple of reviews back I decided to write a short summary of the movie before reviewing it but I don’t know what to write here as there is nothing to write about. If I really try hard I might come up with a sentence ‘this is a movie about two writers who did not even write a page in the entire movie’.

For the past few years Saif Al Khan have been dishing out flops after flops and will keep doing so until he is old enough to stop playing nut case romantic hero. Salman releases in movies on Eid, Shah Rukh on Diwali & Amir on Christmas but Saif cannot even do that as he runs the risk of empty shows. People would like to celebrate the festival rather than watching his movie. He is a far better actor.

Ileana is just about palatable, Preity  Zinta looked haggard. The actors I enjoyed Govinda, Ranbir & to an extent Kalki. Music is nothing to write about. Some scenes are fun but overall the movie is a drag.

If Romcom’s are not your Genre just give this a miss, and Saif grow up, it’s about time.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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