Movie Review – The Judge***1/2


This is a story about a highly successful Lawyer who knows how to win a case by all means. He visits his family after his mother dies which consists of a father who is a strict and truthful judge, a not to successful elder brother and a younger one with mental disabilities. During his last days as Judge his father gets mixed up in a hit and run case and find himself standing as a suspect in the same court room where he has been a judge. Though principally it looks like a movie where a lawyer son tries to save his judge father from getting convicted, deep down it is a story of father son relationship.

What happens when you have a good enough story, Robert Downey Jr. playing a lawyer and Robert Duvall play a judge with court scenes? You get a master piece right? In most cases yes but not really in this case as somewhere the film falls short. Though it succeeds to showcase father son relationship to a certain extent, it still lacks EQ. The case of hit and run is also quite vaguely put across and the court scenes could have been much more power packed.

With regards to the support cast Billy Bob Thornton is impressive as the state lawyer and Dax Shepard does justice to his role of a weak defence lawyer but there is not much room left for Vera Farminga. Well the movie is certainly not based on a John Grisham novel but it is defiantly a good watch.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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