Movie Review – The Grand Budapest Hotel****1/2


It is a thrilling expeditions of a successful concierge Gustave H of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Far Far Land. It is ably supported by Zero his new-found war refugee deputy. It is a story about a concierge who knows how to keep the richy rich happy and has a unique way with women of different shapes, sizes and age. An old lady before her death changed her will favoring Gustave triggering his ordeal with her son and immediate family.

After a long time I came across a movie which is equally funny and trilling at the same time. It is notoriously classy with lavish set deco, costumes, art direction and brilliant characterization and editing. Not to mention the acting and direction. Ralph Fiennes as Gustave is brilliant with his mannerism, elocution and comic timing. Ralph Fiennes had an equally actor Tony Revolori accompanying him as his deputy lobby boy ‘Zero’. With Zero to no expressions (as prescribed in the script though) Tony is another treat to watch here. There are big name like Jude Law, Adrien Brody,Willem Dafoe, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Tom Wilkinson & Owen Wilson in support so you are not short of fun.


Oscar nominated director Wes Anderson handles the film with class and creates a masterpiece. The movie is fast paced and every detail is well scripted, visualized and acted. This film is true worthy of nominations and wins at the highest podiums across the world. You will love every moment of the film.


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