Movie Review – Yves Saint Laurent***(French)


This film is based on the biopic of arguably one of the world most talented fashion designer. Yves Saint Laurent changed how women dress around the world. From formal to casual from Haute Couture to Pret he was a master designer. Equally famous was his life and relationships.


Though the movie is a biopic of the great designer YSL its focus is mainly on his person life. His actual struggle and journey to become a fashion icon is sparsely sketched. The story concentrated on his relationship with partner and business associate Pierre Bergé. I for one was more interested to know his professional journey and would have made the movie more in a documentary tone.

Director Jalil Laspert did a great job with the casting and Pierre Niney looked every bit YSL. His performance as a sensitive repressed gay is worth admiring. Guillaume Gallienne was convincing a Pierre. I have liked Charlotte Le Bon in The Hundred-Foot Journey and she is looking charming. The movie is made with taste and excels in art and costume department. The screenplay and pace of the movie is indifferent and could have been much better and consistent.


Nevertheless this is a worthwhile watch for fashion lovers. You can also watch Audrey Tautou starred Coco before Chanel (2009) based on the legendary Chanel, which has a similar tone.

P.S. watching a film with the help of subtitles take something away from the overall experience resulting in a biased review sometimes.

audrey-tautou Coco_avant_Chanel_poster

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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