Movie Review – Nightcrawler ****1/2


Lou is a thief who crawls in the night on LA streets for his livelihood. He finds freelance crime reporting much more paying and respectable. In days to follow the competition heats up between freelance reporters amidst falling crime rate and pressure from TV news channels are looking for exclusive news. All these factors pushes Lou to his limits where from being a crime reporter he starts infesting crime.

Nightcrawler by far is the most trilling movie of year 2014. It is extremely dark but throws light on a glaring truth of modern media sensationalism crime. In one of the scene Nina the channel new head describes sensation for news channels as a women screaming and running on the street with her throat slit. In this fast competitive world people are loosing patience and value of human life. Only the dead matters.

This movie is all about Jake Gyllenhaal. In one word he is just superb as Lou the thief turned crime reporter. I have seen some of his earlier work like source code but he is sensational here as the dark anti-hero and carries the movie on his own. He surely deserves a nomination at the awards. After a long time Rene Russo has a meaningful role as the channel news head and does justice. Riz Ahmed playing Rick Lou’s deputy leave a mark along with Bill Paxton as their competition.

If you like fast paced thriller then don’t miss it. Hats of to Dan Gilroy.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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