Cromecast – launched in India


Google has finally launched the Cromecast in India today for Rs. 2999. There has been a delay of more than one and a half year since it has seen the light in US. This device will convert your dud TV into a Smart TV. It allows casting your smartphone on your TV screen and stream local content. It also runs apps designed for Cromecast like You Tube. Currently services like Netflix does not work in India. It will be interesting to see how Google teams with service providers in India for local content. The device is minimilistic and simple to use and does not need a rocket scientist to install.

Though it has great value as a standalone device, it will be interesting to see how it shapes up in future and compete with Apple TV and other Android powered boxes. XBMC/Kodi is also one option you have in case you already have a smart box and do not want to buy Cromecast for casting local content and You Tube. This subject has been extensively covered by me in my earlier posts.


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