Questions that can change your life forever


Have you ever asked yourself this question, how much is enough? How much money you require in your life, for your old age, what do you want to achieve in life and so forth? Well I have a theory that in this material world ‘how much is enough?’ is just like a mathematical theory which has never been proved. Have you ever taken some time out and analysed this question? You will see yourself and people around you are running. While this race gives an illusion that there is some purpose to life and everyone is trying to reach somewhere but as you dig deep you will start observing that’s this maddening marathon does not really have a purpose. There is no stop line or even a start line. You will also be amazed to see that most people are following the person ahead of him and just because he is running everyone behind him is following him. If you have not experienced this situation I just described then just take a chair, a cup of coffee or whatever you like and close your eyes. Ask yourself this question again “how much is enough?” only this time follow it with another question “what happens next”?

Let me give you an example here. You just bought yourself a brand new VW Zetta, did not of research and it is your dream car. You come out of the showroom with you brand new car and are intercepted by a BMW 3 Series right on the corner. Looking at the BMW you tell your wife sitting beside you “now this will be my next car”. At this very moment you have killed your happiness. Lets look at another example you have a flat in a good locality and you need another and term it as investment. How you even asked yourself what for do you need this investment? Finally you end up living to pay bank EMI’s. Another question which haunts people many times is ‘what will happen when I retire?’ or ‘how much money will be required for me to maintain this lifestyle I have?’. Trying to answer these questions will always disappoint you even if you are the richest man in the universe as you are scared of uncertainty. You stop enjoying what you have now as you are trying to bother yourself of what will happen after 25 years. We try to control things too much.

I am not denying the fact that you should stop planning for your future, what I am only trying to say here is balance it. You can do only so much and for the rest you have to just flow with time and it will do its job. When you were born did you plan it? Choose your parents, you family,When you where a kid did you worry about what you will eat in the day? Which school you will go in the kinder garden? Still you were fed, you went to a school or did something in you life which made some sense. You can only plan certain things and if things does not go as per the plan, just leave it and don’t live with it. Questions like When will I get X level of salary, designation, status, car , phone and any other material thing you can think of  will only make you more unhappy as there is no end to it, it is never enough.

To want for more is triggered by comparison. This is precisely why I said in the begining  that most people follow the person in the front while running the mad material race. When you start comparing with others, Oh! He has got a Ferrari and I drive this junk on the wheel, he has a villa with a swimming pool and he have to live in this 2 bedroom cramped flat,all this comparison will make you feel miserable. I guarantee you, till the breath of your life you will only keep longing for these materialistic things , keep comparing yourself and remain miserably unhappy. You will end up with high blood pressure, diabetics, cardiac problems, obesity, migraine so on and so forth very early in your life.

The only way to come out of this situation is to ask yourself “what next?”. I buy an iPhone and flaunt it in front of my friends, colleague, listen to music, watch YouTube, surf the net and feel happy for a month or two or say even a year. After a year when Apple launches its successor with better specs I am again unhappy that I have an old phone. The moment you realise that this mad marathon race you are in is just for a momentary pleasure, you will start making some sense and life will be different. Questions like “why do I need that new car?”, “what next after I get my new car?” will help you decide better with logic and rational. “Does it make any difference to my job if I don’t get the promotion?”, “Will I learn anything new or do anything new when I get promoted” are some of the questions that will help you with calming your thoughts. Shit man! He got a promotion and not me, what did I do wrong?, start asking these question and you are de-motivated and will stop performing and eventually be doomed.

I am not asking you to stop desiring or stop planning.  I am just asking you to think and be rational. Try to find a balance, live today and not yesterday or tomorrow. Stop running behind things that you could have done or can do and start enjoying what you are doing. By no means I am trying to preach spirituality here as it is a personal matter. With this article all I am trying to say is to take a break sometime, enjoy every day and moment in you life as if this is where it all ends and you are only living another beautiful moment.


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