Movie Review – Boyhood*****


This amazing movie closely captures a journey of a boy from his childhood through adolescence till he joins college. Today when I write this Golden Globe has already announced its nominations and this movie shines on top of the list as it has been nominated for best movie drama and rightly so. It is also the first movie to get five ***** in my blog.

I find this work of art by writer director Richard Linklater  very close to Apu Trilogy directed by one of India’s great director Oscar winner Satyajit Ray. The only differences being the 12 years it took Richard Linklater to make this movie and the story and Script that Ray had for his film. both the directors played on their strength and created two masterpieces.

Satyajit-Ray The_Apu_Trilogy

The cast and crew of Boyhood had to have the patience to wait for their work to get noticed by the world which in itself says a lot about their ability. Be it Ellar Coltrane, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, you cannot single out one actor and say that the film is what it is because of him or her as it is a directors film. Yes the two departments which I should mention here are editing and cinematography as 12 years is a long time and you know how is technology changing. from films going digital to quality of camera and of course of length of the matter when probably needed skillful editing to squeeze it to two and half hour without compromising on the content and flow of the movie. Rightly so this film has a massive team for that and finally the producers who were patient and were willing to take the risk.

We have limited memory of our childhood but as we grow our memories become more vivid. We remember our school day and college days even better. Same is the experience with this movie. When you start watching the movie you feel you are watching a documentary but as you continue watching it, it starts growing on you and the vividness of your memories are triggered. One you finish the movie you just hope there is a second part to it but I guess Richard Linklater will make us wait for another 12 years.

pather_panchali-horz-496x242 world_of_apu

Comparing this movie with Ray’s work is saying something so Just don’t miss this…

*Poor **Below Average ***Average ****Good *****Very Good


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