Movie Review – Ungli ***


What happens when a group of young men and women take the onus of cleaning up the society from corruption and corrupt people. They are fed-up of police, government departments and even autowalas.

It is an interesting movie with innovative techniques to fight corruption. The movie is fast paced and is devoid of too much of the Indian melodrama we are used to and sticks to the point. The lives of 4 people changes after their friend and brother gets involved in an incidence resulting in coma. These four people form a gang and wear a mask to unmask the underlying criminals and corrupt people of the society. So much so that the police is threatened and are behind them.

Written and directed by Renzil D’Silva the movie for a change has a story. Renzil’s exploits in screenplay with movies like Rang De Basanti works here. Though this movie has Emraan Hashmi and Kangana Ranuat as the lead pair, the actor that shines is Randeep Hooda. Randeep has shown some great talent with Rang Rasaiya and he continues to impress here too. After a long time I saw Reema lagoo and Raza Murad, Neha Dhupia’s role is quite limited and so is of Angad Bedi as the brother in coma. Sanjay Dutt has aged and looked exhausted (also on and off Jail takes a toll).

If you like witty thrillers then this will tickle your taste buds.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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