Movie Review – The Theory of Everything****


It is a biopic on world-famous Physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking, his life and above all his relationship with his first wife Jane Hawking.

The strong point about this movie is its casting especially Eddie Redmayne playing Dr. Stephan Hawking is just brilliant. As book on which the movie is based is written by Jane Hawking, I am sure there is not much to complain about the story barring some bits which might have been altered or softened in the book itself. The other area which I feel the book/movie could have focus more on was the actual work Dr. Stephen Hawking. Felicity Jones playing Jane Hawking is also quite convincing.

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Directed by James Marsh the movie does lack the pace and get stagnated at some place but it is understandable as normally people at some point in their lives do get to that point. Dr. Hawking being a Physicist had a rational for not believing in God but after watching the film you will feel that a person who has gone through so much in his life has all the right to not believe in the all mighty. But then again science has yet to develop medicine or vaccine for common cold and cough leave aside challenging the existence of God but that only my thoughts.

Watch it if you like movies based on biopic, love stories and movies on human endurance (with or without help of God).

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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