2015 – 12 Months 12 Movies to watch out for…

Well now that we have settled 2014. It is New Year and by the way Happy New Year to all my readers. It is time for us now to move forward and look towards the future. Here in this blog I present to you my recommendation of the 12 top movies you should watch in the year 2015. Now the list I am going to compile here do not contain any movie has been produced in year 2014 but not released yet in some parts of the world. So movies which are yet to be screened in some parts of the world like ‘The Imitation Game’, ‘Foxcatcher” or Still Alice do not feature here. My list also contains some Bollywood movies which I think will be interesting. Let start the with

1. Taken 3

This movie is the third offering of the action thriller starring Liam Neeson. Though the second part was not that impressive, I am sure the director Olivier Megaton must have worked on the short falls and we get to see a better movie in line with the first part.


2.The Gunman

Directed by Transporter fame Pierre Morel this movie has two of my favorite actors Sean Penn. Of late we have been seeing him in action flicks like ‘The Gangster Squad’ and I must say I am a big fan of is versatility. And Javier Bardem from Skyfall. I am sure this will be a movie to watch out for when it releases in Feb/March 2015



Walt Disney again refreshes this classic and I am sure this will be another stunner to watch this Spring. IT will be visual and a favorite of all kids and parents just after the exams are over. The actor to look forward to in this movie is the ever versatile tow time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.



I was impressed when I saw Divergent and this is the second part. Divergent brought Shailene Woodley to limelight and she became the find of 2014. She along with her co actors should put up another good show here. This is turning out to be an interesting franchise.


5.Women in Gold

The movie stars one of my favorite actors Helen Mirren. It also stars Ryan Reynolds and another talented actor Daniel Bruehl. The story looks very promising and I for sure will be waiting for it.


6.Dil Dhadakne Do (Hindi)

Zoya Akhtar has done some brilliant work and at her age she come across as a mature director. This multi-starrier will be a movie to watch out for when it releases in June. It has got some exceptionally talented actors currently in Bollywood.


7.Jurassic World

It is time for the theaters around the world to redo their old sound systems as this one is sure to test them. This time there is no Spielberg behind the camera but this franchise will get the dinosaurs back in our lives. It will be bigger and better.


8.Terminator: Genisys

I just love this franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and we love him here and the background music. The movie releases this summer on 1st of July.



007 is back and this time much more sexier with Monica Bellucci. It will also star some of the best names in Hollywood like Ralph Fiennes and Christoph Waltz. And the Aston Martin DB 10 is awesome.


10.Star Wars: Episode VI – The Force Awakens

This famous franchise started by George Lucas sees the light again after 11 long years. Anyone who is a fan of Sci-Fi action has to be a fan of Star Wars series.


11.Mission Impossible 5

Agent Ethan Hunt is back and should be more thrilling and adventurous. I still like the John Woo directed MI2 and regard it as the best MI till date. This time the magic wand is with ‘The Usual Suspect’ famed director Christopher McQuarrie.


12.Wazir (Hindi)

Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, this movie has some impressive star cast. Amitabh Bachchan, Faran Akhtar you name it.


Hope you like my compilation. If I have missed something or a movie which you think should have been in my list please feel free to write back. I will be back with my review of ‘The Interview’ soon.


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