Movie Review – Disconnected & Men Women and Children***1/2

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It is the first time I am reviewing two movies in one article as both have a similar theme. Internet is changing the way we live, interact with people and have relationships both in real and cyber world.

Though both films have similar underlying subject and message the treatment is quite different. At one end Disconnected focuses on mix of young and adult subjects and situations, Men Women & Children on the other hand makes us think about the effects of internet on children’s and adolescents. Both the movies do make you think and introspect and that were I think they both succeed.

Apart from the subject which is strong both films have some popular stars and some new but the level of performance is good in general. I personally liked Men Women & Children a shade more probably due to its treatment. Disconnected more hard-hitting but this is just personal taste I believe.

watch these movies and do space it out otherwise you may not notice the differences I mentioned.

*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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