Movie Review – The Imitation Game****1/2


A biopic on the life of mathematician Alan Turing who during world war II decoded the enigma code of the Germans to defeat them and save millions of lives. It also deals with his personal life as a Gay who found it difficult in a conservative British society. He is also considered father of the theoretical modern computer. In the year 2013 the Royal Family and the British Government issued an official apology to Alan Turing for the treatment he was provided to when he was alive.

This movie belongs to Benedict Cumberbatch, he is just brilliant in portraying Alan Turing. His mannerisms and dialogue delivery is so striking and natural it seems as if the role was penned for him. Director Morten Tyldum painstakingly created the sets and costumes which were just perfect. The support cast lead by Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode complemented Cumberbatch and specially Keira has come of age from the Bend it like Beckham days. She has been good in Begin Again and now in this movie.

In the start the movie goes back and forth in time and it is bit hard to figure out as to what is happening by slowly you will get the hang of it. Apart from that it is a movie you should not miss.

I would wait to see more of Benedict Cumberbatch he has got loads of talent.


*Poor, ** Below Average, ***Average, ****Good, ****Very Good


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